Why we don't stress too much about Quinn throwing a tempter tantrum...

Nov 30, 2015

Quinn attempted to throw a tantrum over dinner (spaghetti) tonight. He stomped his feet and crossed his arms and made a big pouty face and then dumped his plate over on the table. Then he waited for a reaction. He didn’t get any so he loudly declared he wasn’t eating anything and threw a pinch of sauce on the floor. He didn’t get a reaction again, so he loudly informed us that he had thrown sauce on the floor. Still not getting a reaction he wanted, he marched over to a kitchen counter and threw a dirty washcloth on the floor and stomped on it. That washcloth was his undoing.
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Cute Kiddo Questions

Jun 6, 2015

This has been running around facebook and I decided to post it here to save it for "all time." I asked Quinn all the questions first, then Aurora later. Quinn is 3.5 years old and Aurora is 6 years old.

1. What is something mom always says to you?
Q: Stop!
A: Aurora!
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Apr 25, 2018 11:37pm

The adorableness never ends with Kira. She insisted on bringing her stuffed seal to the children’s museum and is helping it do activities. :)

Apr 25, 2018 11:36pm

Kira was very proud of her very pink, very sparkly outfit today.

Apr 16, 2018 1:14pm

I just had a parent-teacher conference with Aurora’s teacher. I love it that her teacher can see the way that she shines so clearly. I get so caught up in the struggles we have at home that I forget how awesome my kid is. ;) <3

Aurora is the kid who runs to offer hugs and encouragement to kids who are hurt, she’s the one who writes notes to the troublemaker saying “you made a bad choice but I’m still your friend” (and the kid keeps every single note the teacher says), she makes sure her teacher gets a hug every morning and every afternoon, she’s the kid braiding flower chains and giving them to other kids during recess, she’s the kid who does spins and cartwheels when she’s given an award at a school assembly, she’s the kid sneaking books into her desk (*ahem*), and she’s the kid who argues that she knows everything but is willing to listen so that the teacher can teach everyone else (after being reminded about that).

Apr 14, 2018 3:08pm

Aurora and I were having a discussion about how our behaviors affect others…

Me: Reality is, you don’t like being around me when I’m acting like that. Do you?Aurora: REALITY! I HATE REALITY. I’M DOING A GOOD JOB OF AVOIDING IT!