Why we don't stress too much about Quinn throwing a tempter tantrum...

Nov 30, 2015

Quinn attempted to throw a tantrum over dinner (spaghetti) tonight. He stomped his feet and crossed his arms and made a big pouty face and then dumped his plate over on the table. Then he waited for a reaction. He didn’t get any so he loudly declared he wasn’t eating anything and threw a pinch of sauce on the floor. He didn’t get a reaction again, so he loudly informed us that he had thrown sauce on the floor. Still not getting a reaction he wanted, he marched over to a kitchen counter and threw a dirty washcloth on the floor and stomped on it. That washcloth was his undoing.
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Cute Kiddo Questions

Jun 6, 2015

This has been running around facebook and I decided to post it here to save it for "all time." I asked Quinn all the questions first, then Aurora later. Quinn is 3.5 years old and Aurora is 6 years old.

1. What is something mom always says to you?
Q: Stop!
A: Aurora!
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Feb 17, 2018 7:11pm

Kira is enjoying playing in my wedding veil and singing “Let It Go.” lol. This was too sweet a picture to not share.

Feb 1, 2018 6:51pm

Cute Kira story:
Quinn had allergy shots this morning, so I gave Quinn and Kira tablets to help them sit nicely for the 30 minutes Quinn has to be observed. Quinn got first choice but then decided he didn’t like his choice halfway through the time. Kira wasn’t ready to trade tablets, so Quinn broke down sobbing. While I talked with and comforted him, Kira set down her tablet, picked up Quinn’s and started pulling up Quinn’s favorite apps and offering them to him. She really was dead-on for what he loves. I always forget how observant 2 years old. :)

Jan 25, 2018 11:37pm

Happy 9th birthday to our sweetest bookworm, Aurora! ❤️

Jan 23, 2018 3:09pm

Quinn and I are spending a lot of the day hanging out at the allergy office doing a rapid allergy shot build up. He’s building with LEGO and getting bribed with chocolate because nobody likes getting 18 shots in the space of a couple hours. He’s rocking it, though, and this will move us 3 months closer to getting him off his asthma meds in a single day (compared to their standard procedure).