Cute kiddo stories from this week

Jan 19, 2014

 I was working in the kitchen one morning when I heard Quinn start crying quite hard. But it didn't sound quite right; it sounded a bit fake but I've never heard Quinn fake cry before. I peeked around the corner into the living room and saw Quinn laying on his belly with two hotwheels cars in his hands. It appeared that the cars had crashed and he was indeed fake crying for the cars.

Lounging in his car seat with a chocolate face.

We've been working with Aurora on various social things like making eye contact and facing people when talking to them. We've been focusing more on helping her remember to face people when talking with them because that's the easier task. I keep trying to come up with ideas to help her understand what it means to face people when they're talking. My most recent idea was this: "Point your nose at them when you're talking to them!" Aurora liked that idea. A little later, I was in the kitchen with my back turned and I heard her talking to no one in particular. After a while, she exclaimed, "Mommy! MOMMY! I'm facing you and talking to you! Why aren't you talking to me?!" Next item on our "To work on" list: remembering to get someone's attention before launching into a one-sided conversation with them. ;) (Actually, we have been working on that but there are just a lot of social interaction things to remember!)

Someone got a bump on her chin.

Quinn has started using "oh dear", "oh my", and "shoot!" in proper places. It cracks me up and makes me glad we don't use bad words. He gets a kick out of it, too. It's hilarious when he drops a toy and exclaims, "Oh soot!"

This makes me so, so nervous.

A dinner time conversation...
Aurora: I love you, Mommy!
Me: I love you, too, Aurora!
A: I love you MORE!
Me: *silent, choosing not to engage the batterl*
A: Mommy, what are you going to say?
Me: I'm not saying anything because no one can win a "I love you more" battle.
A: You say flower!
Me: What? Flower?
A: Like that yellow one! What's it called?
Me: A sunflower?
A: Yes! I love you, Mommy!
Me: I love you, Aurora!
A: I love you MORE!!
A: ROSE! You won, Mommy!

A girl and her doll.