Happy 5th birthday, Aurora!!

Jan 26, 2014

Aurora turned 5 years old today! She had a hard time going to sleep last night so she ended up sleeping in late. When she woke up, she came out carrying her special birthday dress, which she was so so excited to put on.
 I took some pictures of her in her pretty dress and Quinn, of course, had to join in. "Me too!" is one of his favorite phrases right now.
 Spinning, spinning, spinning. I think this must be one of the little girl tests to check if a dress is a good one or not. :)
 And eventually, after a trip to Dunkin Donuts with Daddy and lunch, it was time for presents. She'd been impatiently waiting for this all day long.
 My mom made her a new quilt and she was just thrilled with it.
 And a cute little shawl/poncho for keeping warm.
 And some baby doll stuff since she's finally started playing with baby dolls in the past couple months.
 Later, after some friends came over to play some boardgames, it was cake time! She wanted Rosie the Tank Engine from the Thomas and Friends series. After I finally completed icing this cake, I swore I would never do a character cake again. I think I'll stick to making fancy dresses and make simpler cakes from now on. :)

And, after much excitement and fun, it was bedtime...which went like it always does after such a day with little children. But at least she's finally asleep (or at least quiet and staying in her room).

Happy birthday, my sweet girl!