Snow Day!

Jan 28, 2014

It started snowing at about 9am this morning. I wasn't expecting it to last long, so I got the kids ready to go play. They were incredibly excited!

 Snow angels!

We went back in when we got too cold--it was 20 degrees, after all! But after warming up, the kids begged to go back out, so we did. We went on a walk and found an empty church parking lot to play in.

Walking home with a stick!
After lunch, we went out again, this time with the sled. I pulled the kids back into our neighborhood and got my exercise for the day!

Then, of course, Quinn had to have a turn!

After the sled ride, the kids went into the back yard to play, where they stayed for probably 45 minutes. I lured them back in with hot tea because they were looking cold. Quinn's cheeks get so rosy when he's cold. :) (Sorry about the fuzziness in the middle of the picture--a snowflake got on the lens and was still drying.)

We'd love for the snow to stick around for a few days but around here that doesn't normally happen. At least we got a nice day with what eventually became about an inch of snow. It was fun to watch it pile up!