Winter Hiking!

Feb 5, 2014

We went hiking one cool but beautiful afternoon. It was cold enough that there was still ice but it wasn't too cold to be outside.
Checking out dripping rocks.
We ended up chasing Quinn most of the hike like this...

Silly kiddos.
More "ice castles" as Aurora called them. :)
The gorgeous gorge that was our destination. I wish this picture could truly capture it. The green moss with the icy river was lovely.
Wil exclaiming, "You shall not pass!" with his massive walking stick. Quinn wanted to keep going, but we knew that we needed to be heading back.
Amazingly, both kids walked or ran almost the entire 3 miles. Quinn had to be carried a bit on the way back because he kept saying, "I stay here!" but once we started playing "run away from daddy", he did much better. Wil would roar at the kids and the kids and I would run down the path screaming until they needed a break, Wil would catch up and we'd do it all over again. It certainly worked well to get us through that last worst half mile to the car.

Quinn went to bed fairly well but Aurora informed me that the hike made her "not tired" and had a rough time going to sleep. Silly kid. Maybe we need to time our physical exertion better...